Mouse LncRNA Profiler q PCR Array

General description

More information on lncRNA

Profile 90 mouse lncRNAs with this kit that includes reagents for converting lncRNA to cDNA and a set of primers for qPCR assays in a 96-well format. Get robust cDNA yields and clean, sensitive qPCR quantitation with an undetectable background. The kit includes five positive cleaning reference controls and one negative control.

Additionally, the kit supports subcellular localization studies through RNA reference controls for nucleolus, nucleus, and cytoplasm:

  • Nucleolus: snoRNA RNU43 (and some 18S rRNA)
  • Core: Small nuclear splice U6B snRNA
  • Cytoplasm: GAPDH, Lamin A / C (Human Array) and Beta Actin (Mouse Array), as well as 18S rRNA

How does it work?

Using the LncRNA Profiler qPCR Matrix Kit

First, prepare your lncRNA for qPCR by converting it to cDNA

While some lncRNAs have endogenous polyA tails, other lncRNAs do not. To improve the performance of the qPCR assay, the cDNA synthesis workflow includes steps and reagents to polyadenylate all lncRNAs prior to cDNA conversion using the tagged oligo dT adapter and random primers. This combined RNA tail and oligo dT plus random primers increases cDNA yield significantly and enables strand-specific lncRNA qPCR profiling.

  • Label all lncRNAs with a poly-A tail
  • Annealing an oligo-dT adapter
  • Reverse transcription to create first-strand cDNA
  • The result is a cDNA set of anchor-tailed lncRNAs that are ready for qPCR.

Then run qPCR assays

Get additional information about the matrix, including lncRNA sequences, LncRNA database links, and qPCR analysis templates in the Excel document, “Free Assay List and Analysis Software for the qPCR LncProfiler Matrix of mouse “

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